He will not snuff out your hope

I sat in the audience of an "Explaining the letters of John" talk in the church I was attending in Paranaque City, Metro Manila, feeling a little condemned by the thoughts that the enemy was pouring into my mind when the Pastor said 1 John 5:13, John said: "I write these things to you who… Continue reading He will not snuff out your hope

Being Real

Proverbs 13:5a [AMP] A [consistently] righteous man hates lying and deceit... I was in college back then and I sat there speaking to a friend of mine pretending to be high classed. Never have I ever felt so phony in my life that it bothers me just thinking about those days when I applauded being… Continue reading Being Real

Driven Away

I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me with compassion  that day but she looked at me, sent me off away out of a ministry that I loved so much just because I had a longstanding battle with depression. She was just doing what the topmost heads of the ministry wanted her to do but… Continue reading Driven Away