The Cure For Fear

The Cure1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

I looked fearfully at the crowd thinking they were all stalking me and watching my life. I saw strangers laughing at me. Saying words that triggered fear in me. “They’re laughing at me!”, I would think and shrink in fear.

I lived like this for years even fearing that God was maliciously laughing at me. Sermons brought fear in my heart thinking God was out to condemn me for sinning against Him too much. “You’ve united your soul with the devil’s – leave His Presence” was always on my mind. So I left the sanctuary thinking that this god was the voice of God – this was when I felt a sword about to strike me for going to service that day.

But Love compelled me to search for the One my heart loves, I searched for Him until I found Him in the church and wept bitterly because I thought I’d lost Him forever. Going to church was a struggle. I clutched my heart to worship Him until I could feel the callousness of my heart melt away and felt His love again. I bowed, I cried out thinking His forgiveness took time to be made available for me – that there was a period of wrath that I had to wait for before He forgave me. But I was wrong, he sent me people of compassion – they had the Spirit of God in them too but I was too caught up in the supernatural to realize that love was the cure for my fears. They accepted me as I was – crazy, confused and lost in the chaos of my soul. But God didn’t stop there, He is love, Love requited. The reason I could love Him was because He loved me first. The first words He ever spoke to me through my heart was “Doubt your love for me but don’t ever doubt my love for you”. It made me realize that my feeble human love wasn’t enough for me to gain salvation, that it was His love that made the difference, “For God so loved the world… that He gave”, Salvation came through His Son and in no one else. We are being made perfect through that love and all our fears will be casted away because of Him.

So trust His love Daughter of the King and the fears in your heart will fade away.


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