Ananias & Saphira

I saw him as God saw him once, he was sane at that time, not at all violent and all innocent. It was this part of him that wanted so much to learn how to speak. I promised him therapy at that time and he understood where I was coming from and became a good boy even in his violent form. He wanted to speak, he wanted to be understood, he wanted to be normal.

He was Ananias and my mother was Saphira. Ananias is my youngest brother, he was reborn into this world as an innocent, a boy with Downe’s Syndrome. They died in their previous lives in sin and without God but last night they proved that they could change. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit (most of all) forgave them.

It started with a little offering from Ananias, he gave God his best possession – the cellphones that was given to him and his life savings of 300 pesos – withholding nothing from them this time and every possession that he has including his clothes and his worship. Saphira followed suit by giving God her best offering, her cooking and her heart of service.

They gained the crown of righteousness giving them residence in high heaven.


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