Mary’s Death by Micheal and Gabriel

In the time of Jezebel in the 6th century AD, Mary and I, Paul, were invited to a feast at the house of Nero. At the celebration, we were asked to have sex in front of them and both of us said no to them. So they killed Paul, and cooked him in a stew.… Continue reading Mary’s Death by Micheal and Gabriel


Waking Up From Death

Today I woke up from death, I called on Jesus Christ today and He spoke to me tenderly. He had tears in His eyes. I treasure Him so much in my heart because He is my Oshko, my Big Guy. We had been laughing at the devil and his clan on earth today, Gabriel and… Continue reading Waking Up From Death

He will not snuff out your hope

I sat in the audience of an "Explaining the letters of John" talk in the church I was attending in Paranaque City, Metro Manila, feeling a little condemned by the thoughts that the enemy was pouring into my mind when the Pastor said 1 John 5:13, John said: "I write these things to you who… Continue reading He will not snuff out your hope